Scaling Backend 100x

June 12, 2018
Techniques applied for scaling backend 100X.

By Ankur Gupta /

Exercising validations to keep grounded - a philosophic undertaking

September 03, 2019
An account on how empathy can help us become better designers and life at general.

By Yash Arora/

Resolving metric dependency & expression with DAG & AST

April 01, 2019
This blogpost gives an overview of how we tackled the problem of metrics dependency

By Prashant Vithani/

What its like to work at Clarisights?

March 01, 2019
This blogpost gives an overview of how it's like to work at Clarisights.

By Srijan Agarwal/

The journey of Custom Metrics at Clarisights

February 10, 2019
This article is about how a simple feature spanned its journey to become one of the most used and also complex features of Clarisights.

By Pranav Revankar/

Thank You, Early Adopters!

January 02, 2019
A small note thanking the early adopters of Clarisights.

By Pranav Revankar/

Monitoring and Reporting Errors from Sidekiq Jobs

May 31, 2018
How we do error reporting to minimize the impact of failing background jobs

By Suraj Nath/

We are on Dribbble

May 30, 2018
We love design. And we are keen to share our ideas with the design community and seek feedback.

By Yash Arora/

Ruby Hotspots: Finding avenues for Memoization and Caching

May 25, 2018
How we found and eliminated hotspots in our RoR code using caching and memoization.

By Ashu Pachauri/

Postgresql — mysterious bad connections issue post Rails 5.2

May 24, 2018
How monitoring helped us debug a bad connections issue after a Rails upgrade.

By Ankur Gupta/

Our New Identity - Clarisights

March 12, 2018
Announcement of Clarisights' new brand identity and user interface by founder and CEO Arun Srinivasan.

By Arun Srinivasan/

Data Gravity — Why Should Marketers Care?

February 14, 2018
How is Data Gravity relevant for the performance marketers of today? Can generic BI tools keep up with vertical solutions?

By Sumangal Vinjamuri/

The Showdown: Tableau v/s Google Data Studio for Marketers

January 05, 2018
Here are multiple criteria that will help performance marketers compare the market leaders in visualization and dashboards - Tableau and Google Data Studio.

By Sumangal Vinjamuri/

The Inflection Point for BI Platforms

January 01, 2018
The CRM industry has already begun verticalization, with the success of Veeva. The BI industry is set to be verticalized too, starting with marketing.

By Arun Srinivasan/