My PM summer internship at Clarisights

Anmol Chaman's experience as Product Management Intern at Clarisights

By Anmol Chaman/

Our New Identity - Clarisights

Announcement of Clarisights' new brand identity and user interface by founder and CEO Arun Srinivasan.

By Arun Srinivasan/

Data Gravity — Why Should Marketers Care?

How is Data Gravity relevant for the performance marketers of today? Can generic BI tools keep up with vertical solutions?

By Sumangal Vinjamuri/

The Showdown: Tableau v/s Google Data Studio for Marketers

Here are multiple criteria that will help performance marketers compare the market leaders in visualization and dashboards - Tableau and Google Data Studio.

By Sumangal Vinjamuri/

The Inflection Point for BI Platforms

The CRM industry has already begun verticalization, with the success of Veeva. The BI industry is set to be verticalized too, starting with marketing.

By Arun Srinivasan/