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Enabling full-funnel, omnichannel
marketing intelligence at scale.
Unified view of all marketing efforts
2X higher marketing effectiveness
Analysis of marketing experiments at scale

Livspace is a premier home design marketplace which helps home owners get a home of their dreams.

Tales of Scale

Launched in 2015, Livspace has now grown into India’s top home interior design brand. Much of this growth was fuelled by performance marketing, and consequentially the marketing budget has multiplied over the years. However, the existing reporting and intelligence infrastructure at Livspace did not scale along, and the cracks kept getting bigger.

The marketing team at Livspace was spending hours in pulling data and still couldn’t get a full-funnel view of their efforts and performance. The insights were limited to individual channels - there was no scope of exploring data, and the best shot was to generate static reports on a weekly basis.

Deadcat Bounce

The original setup at Livspace was based on spreadsheets, and the challenges with them are typical of those faced at performance marketing teams globally:

  • • Pulling data from isolated data silos is slow, repetitive and error-prone.
  • • Line item based spreadsheet reporting lacks the context and insights to move the business forward.

The marketing team at Livspace broke down the challenges to realise that the first step would be to integrate all of their data together and have a single canvas to look at. They tried ‘Supermetrics’ with Google Sheets to do this, and succeeded to a certain extent. While Supermetrics did get the data sources together for them, they were still not able explore data the way they wanted.

"Moving to Supermetrics surely helped us get into a discipline of reviewing the data regularly. But more importantly, all of this analysis was happening on just AdWords and Facebook metrics - we were not looking at the impact down the funnel. The latter was the bigger problem."
Ankit Purohit, Growth Marketing Manager, Livspace

Livspace meets Clarisights

In their quest to solve the broken intelligence and reporting, Livspace started exploring Clarisights. There were some very clear winners for them:

"The challenges which Clarisights solves are massive - particularly data joining to the deepest granularity. The full-funnel views that we’re getting now are transformational."
Ankit Purohit

Reporting on KPIs -
Clarisights enabled the marketing team at Livspace to create powerful reports based on their internal KPIs using custom metrics and dimensions. The team had never before seen the ability to change reporting parameters on a live report, which is rather atypical in the current ecosystem plagued with static reporting.

"What I keep pushing my team to use everyday - is the creatives report and how beautifully it ties into our internal data. When you start looking at it, insights start opening up clearly - this was the creative, this was the targeting, and this was the CPQL. It becomes easy to analyze the ‘why’ of performance."
Ankit Purohit

Data democracy -
Clarisights cuts out any dependencies, and does not need marketers to know SQL - The marketing team at Livspace can now create reports in minutes, customize dashboards and schedule automatic reports and triggers for the entire team. From leadership to analysts, everyone gets answers to their questions now.

They lived happily ever after

After months of usage, we reached out to the Livspace marketing team to understand the change they had experienced. While quantifying the impact is not possible in all cases, but the team reports to be at least twice as effective with their decisions - Faster insights, quicker responses, meaningful reports and unparalleled collaboration. Here is what the team at Livspace feels are the major highlights for them:

Productivity boost of over 2000 hours a year which was earlier spent in manual reporting on spreadsheets, now available to deeply analyze marketing data.

Leads data from proprietary internal tool is automatically joined to advertising channel data at the deepest granularity.

Data access is democratized across the Livspace team from Analyst to Head of Growth, and full visibility into down-the-funnel impact ensures smarter marketing decisions.

Performance insights are discovered quickly and easily that were previously inaccessible, to better optimize campaign spends, targeting and creative for lead quality and CPQL.

The Livspace team is empowered with time and confidence to run advertising experiments at scale, since comparing and analyzing performance of different campaign segments is quick and effortless.

"One of the challenges we faced as a team was to improve lead quality over CPQL. Since we work with external design partners who service customers, it’s imperative to improve lead quality to maintain partner experience. With insights from Clarisights, we improved the ratio of quality leads from 55% to over 85% within 3 months.
Clarisights is the best choice we could’ve made for agile data-driven decisions."
Ankit Purohit

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