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Clarisights streamlines reporting for sophisticated performance marketing teams. It automatically integrates, processes and visualizes data from all of your marketing, analytics and attribution sources.

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The Best Marketing teams always start with the data

We make it easier.

Blazing fast channel integrations

Integrate with any marketing channel within seconds. Zero configurations required.

Automatically cleans, processes and transforms data

No more VLOOKUPs on Excel to map UTMs, or Inner Joins and Group By's in BigQuery

The only source of truth for your entire funnel

Your advertising data is automatically joined to analytics and attribution data.


The best of Dashboards and Spreadsheets in one place

None of the pain.


Utmost granularity

See creatives and keywords running across channels with RoI metrics.

You take the control

Quickly build dashboards to visualize data across all your data channels.

Never lose the context

Dashboards for quick review or deep dive? You’ve it all - in one place.

Loved by Marketers.

Hear it from the leaders.

Natalia Ruban

"Clarisights is a real game-changer for us. We got way further in a couple of weeks and all Marketing teams stopped using spreadsheets. As an online marketing team, we can move forward with a lot of data topics without any dependencies on our internal BI team

Natalia Ruban

Director Of Online Marketing, HelloFresh

Clarisights is focused on enterprises with large data-sets and multiple channels and attribution sources. If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch.